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Resources: Wedding Guide: Who Pays for What

Who Customarily Pays for What at a Wedding?
Historically, the bride and/or her family have assumed the majority of the wedding related expense. The more modern approach allows for division of costs between the couple and/or both sets of parents. Any workable plan that the families, bride and groom work out is acceptable to the church. (In many instances, the bridal couple share the expenses.) Following are some of the more traditional guidelines that you can adopt or modify to suit your particular needs.

A conventional guideline of general customs follows:

Groom pays:

  • The bride's rings
  • The marriage license
  • His gift to the bride
  • Flowers for the bride, both mothers and boutonnieres for his attendants
  • Gifts for his attendants and any accommodations needed
  • Bachelor dinner
  • Honeymoon

Groom's Family Pays:

  • Their own wedding attire
  • Their travel expenses and accommodations
  • The rehearsal dinner

Bride Pays:

  • The groom's ring
  • A gift to the groom
  • Gifts to her attendants and any accommodations needed
  • Thank-you notes and personal stationery

Bride's Family Pays:

  • Invitations, announcements
  • The bride's dress and accessories
  • Photography for wedding and engagement
  • Flowers for the wedding and the reception
  • Church rental fee
  • Musician's fees
  • The entire reception

Attendants Pay:

  • Their wedding attire (if indicated by the bride and groom)
  • Any travel costs they incur

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