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The back of your program is the perfect place to thank all the people that helped in the preparation of your wedding and gave you support throughout the planning. You may want to thank your parents, or put a love poem or favorite verse. Here are some suggestions for words to use on the back of your program:

We would like to thank our families and friends for joining us in celebration today. You mean the world to us! Love, (Your names here)
I could not tell fact from fiction Or if my dream was true The only sure prediction In this whole world was you... ~~Maya Angelou
Love . . . is patient and kind; love is not jealous, or conceited, or proud, or provoked; love does not keep a record of wrongs; love is not happy with evil, but is pleased with the truth. Love never gives up; its faith, hope, and patience never fail.
Our future is off to a beautiful start. We've been showered with love and friendships, we'll hold dear in our hearts.
We wish to give special thanks to our fantastic parents. We are products of your love and support, and are thankful every day for your presence in our lives.
Two hearts together, One love forever.
Yesterday We discovered love, gently unfolding in our hearts, whispering of the joy to come. Today Our dreams will come true, creating memories that we'll cherish for a lifetime. Tomorrow We begin a new journey hand in hand, eager to explore a world of promise. Forever We will share an everlasting love.
Thank you for joining us as we begin our new life together. It means a lot to have all of our friends and relatives here to share in our celebration. We appreciate all those who gave us support and help through our wedding preparation, and who gave of their time to make our day so special. Thank you for being part of our happily ever after...
Today as we stand before God and our family friends, I only ask one thing from you; love me forever. Love me when it feels like all your desire is gone. When everything in the world seems to advise against it, love me still more. When rage fills you: love me. When our life and love are not the harmony you imagined, love me. Be extravagant with your love, even when each step from our door to work tires you, and when each step from work to home seems like a chore; love me. Love me withered, as you love me new. I will make all of this easy for you by showering you with my love, which is unconditional, infinite and the realest thing I know. Love, admire, and adore me; depend trust, and confide in me; accept, understand, and forgive me; reason with me; comfort me, laugh and celebrate with me; devote yourself to me; praise me, grow with me; love me. Forever (Author unknown)
We would like to thank our family and friends who share our lives and are here today to share our special day. We feel blessed to be surrounded by so many wonderful people.
We would like to thank you - our families and friends - for sharing our special day with us. Many of you have traveled very far to be here, and we truly appreciate that. Your love, prayers, and support amazes us!
Special thanks to (put your friend/family name here) To our parents: You are the best, and we love you deeply. ~~ Our new address is: (a way to give out your new address)
Dear Mom and Dad, We would like to extend a special thanks to our parents whose support and advice through the years has made us the individuals we are today. This day would not be possible with out the unconditional love and never-ending support of our parents. They've helped lead us both to this glorious union as husband and wife. We hope that they will continue to share their wisdom with us, as we have much more to learn about living as one. Thanks Mom and Dad for everything.
Dear Family and Friends, We are so pleased that you all have honored us with your presence today. The friendship, laughter, shoulders to cry on, and the hands to hold that each of you has provided has enriched our lives. We know the effort that it took to come out here today to be a part of our most glorious day. We give a special thanks to all of you for your love and support, as we start this journey through life together. May love and peace prosper in each of your hearts.
A special thanks to my groomsman who stood by me on this special day. Over the years your friendship has made this dream a reality for me. Your friendship and support will never be forgotten, or taken for granted. Your friendships will be part of the foundation that my wife and I build our future on. Thank you so much for standing by my side. God bless all of you.
I want to thank, first and foremost, my parents who I admire so much and who taught me to love unconditionally by example and also taught me that nothing in the world is more important than family. They are right and I hope I can someday be half the parents they have always been. I want to thank all of our friends who stood by us and took care of us through the past year of uncertainty. Without them we would not have made it through. ~~~~GOD WORKS MIRACLES!!~~~~ Thank you to (name of your church here) and all of its members for all their support and love. A very special thanks to (your friend's name here), who did the most amazing job helping me plan this wedding. I have no idea what I would have done without her!! Thank you, lastly, to all my school friends whom I have spent many LONG hours with, and who have been my motivation when I wanted to give up! (Your fiancee or fiance's name here), I love you with all my heart and look forward to forever with you.
We saw her once before like this all wrapped in purest white. Her face was red and wrinkled and her fists were clenched up tight. She screamed a cry of protest at the world we'd brought her to And we dreamed a million dreams for her, for that's what parents do. And now she stands before us in the gown in which she'll wed And the dreams that we've been dreaming all start spinning in our heads. How can time pass so quickly and our little babe be grown? Standing there in all her beauty, chasing dreams now of her own. And the tiara that adorns her hair now is real, not just pretend. And we fear our time as Mom and Dad is changing in the end. And it all seems so confusing, do we want this now or not? Our dreams have seen this bride for years, but our hearts somehow forgot. It's forgotten that in real life with a bride there is a groom And he whisks away your daughter and this time has come so soon. But as we stand here looking at her, such a vision as a bride, Our hearts make room to love the man who's standing at her side. We see the love he has for her, we know it's good and true, And we gladly give our dream to him, for that's what parents do. Thank you for sharing our joy!

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