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On your program cover you can have your choice of design, personalization, words/verse, ink color and font preference. Here are some sample wordings for the cover of your program:

This day I will marry my friend, the one who shares my dreams
A new day A new life Together...
One love that is shared by two...
Each of us a half...incomplete together we are as one.
As our marriage brings new meaning to love, so our love brings new meaning to life.
With an endless love we'll share our thoughts, our dreams, ourselves...
This day I will marry my friend, the one I laugh with, live for, dream with, love
On our wedding day a new life has its start We'll share with each other one love, one dream, one heart
The miracle of love is that love is given to us to give to one another...
A friendship that was shared by two, has grown into a Love so true!
Happy endings... New beginnings...
Romance and Love... are what dreams are made of
Dreams do come true...
Love fills the moment, and the moment begins eternity Love fills a lifetime, and a lifetime begins this hour
The love we share today shines from sunrise to sunrise, growing brighter year to year as we share our lives
The promise of our life together is as bright as the colors of the rainbow
In the sweetness of love, let there be laughter, and in all our tomorrows the freshness of today
Two hearts that beat as one...
And the two shall become one...
A fresh new day, and it is ours, a day of happy beginnings
How beautiful is he day that is touched by Love
To have and to hold from this day forward
And we shall become one to share all the days of our lives
This day our hearts are joined as one
A time for love A time for us
For hearing my thoughts, understanding my dreams, and being my best friend... For filling my life with music and loving me without end... I do
The path that leads to happiness is so narrow that two cannot walk on it, unless they become one...
He didn't put a diamond in my champagne glass or get down on one knee, but his gentle proposal brought tears to my eyes, and my acceptance brought tears to his...
He is soft-spoken, and I am a chatterbox He loves a love story, and I like to laugh He whispered, "Will you marry me?" and I shouted, "Yes!"
I dreamed of a wedding of elaborate elegance... A church filled with flowers and friends... I asked him what kind of a wedding he wished for... He said one that would make me his wife
Our life together begins this day...
Love lights the hearts of those who share it
The daisies of the field are as fresh and perfect as our love...
Favorite people, Favorite places, Favorite memories of the past... These are the joys of a lifetime, These are the things that last.
Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow. Don't walk behind me, I may not lead. Just walk beside me and be my friend forever.
We sat side by side in the morning light and looked out at the future together. Brian Andres
We thank you, each and everyone, for joining us this day. You've added to our happiness in a very special way. As the years shall come and go, our dreams will give us pleasure and bring you back to us again in memories to treasure.
Words can never tell the joy that is ours today, knowing that you shared the beginning of our life together. We hope you can feel the magic of this enchanting day, which will become more memorable because you were here with us today.
This day is filled with joy and memories to share with friends and family dear to us who came to show they care. The love and strength you bring to us, just being by our side, fills our hearts with happiness so great we cannot hide. patient and kind; love is not jealous or conceited or proud, or provoked; loves does not keep a record of wrongs; love is not happy with evil, but is pleased with the truth. Love never gives up; its faith, hope and patience never fail. Thank you for sharing with us the precious moments of this day...
An Indian Legend says if you desire a wish, whisper it to a butterfly and then set her free. In gratitude your wish is released to the heavens.
We sat side by side in the morning light and looked out at the future together.

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