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Reception cards:
Even if you're inviting everyone to both the ceremony and the reception, you may want a separate enclosure with the wording." The pleasure of your company is requested at the reception..." It is equally proper to put the reception information on the wedding invitation with the words "Reception immediately follows at...".

Printed Directions/Maps:
Sometimes these are provided by your reception coordinator for enclosure with your invitations; if not, you'll have to order them or you can print them yourself from Maps and directions should be printed or clearly photo copied for inclusion with a formal invitation.

Ceremony Cards:
These are needed when more people are invited to the reception than to the ceremony. The main invitation is to the reception, and the enclosure is for the ceremony. Formats are essentially reversed.

Response Cards:
These days, when many are careless about responding promptly, and when many are no longer aware of the old rule of etiquette that mandated a written response to wedding invitations. You can save yourself some aggravation by including RSVP cards with stamped self addressed envelopes. Guests simply check whether or not they will attend, and mail them back.

Pew Cards:
Should you need to be so elaborate in your affairs and need your guests to prove they were actually invited, a pew card would read, "Please present this card at St. Johns Cathedral on Sunday, the Seventh of July."

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