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Resources: Etiquette: Thank You Notes

Anyone who gave a gift should receive a thank you note, including the party organizers. If you aren't sure who put money on the tree, you can simply say thank you for coming and for your part in making our party a success. Better to be safe than to overlook someone and have them have hurt feelings.

When writing any type of thank you note, be sincere. Begin by thanking them for including you, then mention how much you enjoyed being with them. If you were involved in some particular activities (other than the wedding itself), such as a morning of golf or participation in a shower or party, mention that as well. You don't need to write much, a note will do, as long as they know that you appreciated their efforts on your behalf.

How long do I have to send out Thank You's
The rule of thumb is that a bride should acknowledge receipt of wedding and shower gifts within three months. If you are unable to get them out that quickly, however, don't give up. Better late than never.

To get a jump on the task, you might write notes for gifts that are received before the wedding as you receive them, then mail them right after the wedding. Doing this will reduce your workload after the wedding.

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